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Mystical Caribbean Holidays – A Relaxing Gateway To Fun & Adventure

Are you exhausted by your monotonous daily routine and want to break away from the hustle-bustle of the fast city life? Folks, who’re seeking a relaxing getaway may plan a tropical vacation to the beautiful Caribbean islands. Caribbean holidays conjure up the clichéd visions of blue waters, chalky beaches, swaying palm trees and delicious tropical cuisine served with refreshments on the beach. Sounds lovely, isn’t it?
What’s more? Tourists, who’re seeking fun-filled family holidays at one of the toasty islands, can easily fly to the Caribbean Islands. Several travel agencies around the world offer budget Caribbean holidays and last-minute flights, hotel reservations, and bookings for luxury villas. Excited, aren’t you? Let us check out some quick facts about the magical Caribbean so that you’re prepared for the upcoming holidays.

A Brief Overview Of The Caribbean Islands:
Situated in the pristine blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, the stunning Caribbean region accommodates over 700 inhabited or uninhabited islands, cays, islets and reefs. Each of these regions celebrates its unique culture and boasts their rich heritage. The grandeur of the sand and waters casts a mystical charm and binds them together in its appeal. It is truly a destination full of relaxation, luxury, and beauty.

Climate, Geography & Waters:
The entire region experiences a tropical climate, characterized by long, hot summers, heavy rainfall and cool winters. However, the geography, topography, soil, rainfall and local climate varies from one region to another.

Chief Attraction:
turtleThe sea-green waters of the Caribbean Sea are a home to a large group of aquatic animals and migratory birds. The majestic Panama Canal, which connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, is a panoramic sight of the Caribbean Holidays.

How To Reach There:
This region is connected to the leading airports and ports around the world. People interested in Caribbean holidays in the area may either book a cruise or direct fly across the world to get here.

Top 5 Cities Where You Can Stay:

If you start exploring all the 700 islands here, you might have to extend your Caribbean holidays up to a year or two. It would be easier if you just check out the best destinations.

    1. Nassau, Bahamas:

Nassau—the capital town of Bahamas, excellently blends both the British and Bahamian flavors for the tourists. The city houses an extensive shoreline, some of the most vivid coral reef stretches and spectacular beaches of the world. Overall, the entire region is perfect for Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and beach side parties.
Interested tourists can sightsee, dine, shop and party around the Bay Street and dance to the grooves of street music in a high-energy parade organized during the Junkanoo Festival. Hardcore James Bond fans can book their stay at the British Colonial Hotel that was used for filming the famous Sean Connery movies.

    1. Havana, Cuba:

Havana, the leading commercial centre of Cuba is a stunning city trapped in time that captures the clueless visitors like none other cities. Walk El Malecon- a famed walkway over viewing the ocean and Cathedral de San Cristobal or the ancient part of Havana are top tourist attractions where contemporary glamour effectively combines with the ancient colonial era. Listen to the pleasing salsa music, try dancing on a beat or two, party hard at the clubs late night and shop to your heart’s content in the open-air bazaars of Havana.

    1. Negril, Jamaica:

The scenic town of Negril is located on the most stunning coastline of Jamaica, which has earned great reputation at the global scale as a fantastic destination for caribbean holidays. Negril is famed for the Seven Mile Beach that beacons the navigators to its welcoming golden sands and aquamarine waters. Travelers can enjoy a relaxing dip in the Blue Hole Mineral Spring or indulge in sunbathing at the beach side when they visit Jamaica. Try snorkeling or water sports for a rewarding adrenaline rush and when you’re exhausted by the day end, you can sit by a beachfront bar, sip on a refreshing drink and appreciate the kaleidoscopic sunset at the sea in one of the many villas in the area.

    1. San Juan, Puerto Rico:

A view from one of the luxury villasFor those who wish to experience the true charms of the vibrant Puerto Rican culture on their Caribbean holidays should stop by the festive city of San Juan. Dig into your history books and find out about the golden history of this region. Take a quick trip to El Castillo San Felipe del Morro. This 16th century citadel is recognized as a popular World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

You can explore the vast neighborhood of Old San Juan or El Viejo San Juan- the home to majestic Spanish colonies, find your way to the Bacardi rum plant where you can sip on scrumptious wine or reward yourself with a calming dip in the peaceful waters by the Carolina Beach.

Things To Do On Caribbean Holidays:

    • Explore the Grand Cayman to Swim with Stingrays:

Book a Stingray city trip to sandbars where you can travel on glass-bottomed boats and feed treats to dangerous stingrays.

    • Discover Your Creative Streak in Jamaica

The Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf club in Jamaica organizes a special camp called Crayola Art Camp for your enthusiastic tots. Here, both kids and adults get expert lessons on murals and collages. You can paint using oil pastels and watercolors. So, let those creative juices keep flowing and paint your ideas at the camp.

    • Hike Through the dense El Yunque Rain Forests in Puerto Rico:

Craving hard for some adventure and action? You can take a short trip to the El Yunque located on Pico del Toro- the highest peak of the Caribbean region. Find your way out through the cloud forest by taking the Mt Britton trail and grab the opportunity of witnessing the spectacular beauty of Mother Nature. Remember to carry your waterproof clothes because you can experience unexpected rains here.

    • Dive in at Full Moon on Curacao:

Caribbean sea view from a luxury villaLate in the month of September, the striking region of Curacao presents a breathtaking view during a full moon. On this night, several reef species discharge millions of bubble like eggs in the water. These spawned eggs reflect light from the stars and attract a school of fish

    • Visit The Roaring Volcanoes in Montserrat:

You can visit the rumbling volcano of Montserrat. Take a boat to Plymouth and lose yourself to the charms of ash-filled houses at St. George’s hill. Check out the Montserrat Volcano Observatory and gaze at stars through the binoculars.
Apart from this, there are plenty of other opportunities for interested travelers. You can swim with playful dolphins at Dolphin cay in the Bahamas, take a quick shower in the numbing cold water of Seven Sisters Falls in Grenada or indulge in hiking adventures at the Atlantis Resort. Party hard at the Shirley Heights in Antigua and get a glimpse of the dazzling Caribbean lifestyle. Enjoy the world’s best rum cocktail in Nevis and experience a killer sunrise at the beach bars. Taste a savory BBQ dinner at barbecue restaurant on Sandy Island or stop by the Grenada Chocolate company to munch on some chocolate.

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