View of St Lucia from a luxury villa

Choose A Luxurious Holiday in St Lucia For Your Next Vacation

The festive season is approaching and everyone is now thinking of where to take their loved ones for a holiday. Well, the hustle is over. St Lucia holidays is the best place to be. This beautiful and heavenly island lies in the eastern Caribbean Sea touching the boundaries of Atlantic Ocean. It attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each year due to the bundle of joy, fun and relaxation it brings to all the guests. It is an ideal choice for many visitors due to its miraculously gorgeous and exotic nature.

Why St Lucia Rental Villas For Your Holiday?

St Lucia sunset from villaTemperature– The Island has fantastic winter weather with an average temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius throughout the winter months, making it the perfect retreat.

Rainfall– rain can sometimes become a hurdle in the path of your enjoyment. Unlike other holiday destinations, in St. Lucia the winter weather tends to have relatively lower average precipitation.

Sun– unlike other destinations, in St Lucia sunshine remains at an average of about 8 hours a day making it a lively and sunny place to be, no matter which time of year you choose to visit.

What more could you ask for than a lively environment with freshening sunlight, awesome sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets and waters to refresh the soul? You really can’t afford to miss this experience.

Why St Lucia Luxury Villa Holidays Beats Other Holiday Destinations



There are numerous events that take place throughout the year in St Lucia that attracts millions of tourists. These events include:

With all these events, you’re sure to find something to do during your holidays.

pitonsAwesome geographic legacy

With stunning mountain peaks, healing sulphur springs, dense tropical rainforest, striking cliffs and silver sand, if you love adventure St Lucia holidays will offer any kind of adventure you need. When there you are really in paradise.

Perhaps the most adventurous of all is a hike in the Pitons. These are two twin volcanic plugs known as Gros Piton and Petit Piton. They dominate the south part of the island with their slopes packed with rainforest and the jungle and dramatically loom above the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean.

Zipline canopy tour

For an adrenaline-fueled holiday, reach for the sky on zip-line canopy tour. An aerial tram will whisk you at the beginning point and you will be hundreds of feet above the ground surrounded by the imposing treetops of the rain forest. One can take a moment here to survey the awesome surroundings such as the luxuriant landscape of such enthusiasm and colors that will take your breath away. You’ll probably be able to see your luxury villa from there! When the zip line steps off the thin air, you should get ready for a different landing on a different platform as you whiz through the sky. Zip line tour is the ideal way for you to enjoy the best tourist attractions as you fly on air together with tropical birds that make their home there.

Drive in volcano

This is one of the best tourist attractions that make St Lucia holidays unique from other holiday destinations. It boasts the world’s only drive in volcano at Soufriere. The best part about this excursion is that you can drive right into the crater of the active volcano. Moreover, there is the volcano’s sulfur springs, astonishing hot mud baths loaded with essential minerals. During the day, these springs are always bubbling and belching out sulfur laden steam and are too hot for bathing. But at night, once the mud drops to better temperatures you can easily dive in for a healing mud bath. The mineral bath was built in 1784 to rejuvenate and refresh the French troops who guarded the island under king Louis XVI orders. The water is said to be medicinal as it relieves pains and aches in joints and muscles. This is an experience that every traveler wishes to experience. Why not you?

Chasing waterfalls

One of the most delightful destinations is diamond falls. The fall is a 45 foot tall and it is a very stunning sight. As you visit there you will get the opportunity to see botanical gardens which is known to be one of St Lucia’s natural wonders. The gardens are 6 acres and incorporate fertile vegetation, tropical flowers and plants, stunning wildlife including birds and insects and many more.

The city itself

Castries of St LuciaThe island’s capital, Castries, is a stunning destination from which you can start your tour. Cruise liners dock here for shore trips making Castries convenient for tourists. The city itself is a historic one with numerous landmarks such as the Masaav, a 400 year old Samaan tree and government house, there is the seat of colonial power that overlooks the city and the Mourne fortune summit from the bay.

Marigot bay

This is a superlative bay surrounded by flourishing rain forest. It has sandy beaches fringing crystal clear blue water of the sea. Your trip should involve a visit to banana plantation which is the islands top exports. You can also wander through the historic fishing villages of canaries. With brightly colored cottages on hilly and winding streets, your trip will be interesting.


Due to St Lucia’s romantic nature, this island is not only known to be the best for honeymoons but also for wedding ceremonies. Numerous weddings are held here each week. It has become very prominent for holidays due to its scenic beauty, amazing attractions and luxury villas for fun and pleasure. Couples are able to enjoy this heaven on earth destination with its diverse landscape features, sound fishing villages, and lively sand beaches. It will be weird if you fail to check out this holiday wonder on your next holiday.

With so much to see and do during St Lucia luxury villa rentals holidays, it is clear that there is no other place to have the best holiday for both you and your loved ones. Include St Lucia in your itinerary in your next holiday lifetime experience!