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St Lucia – Jewel of the Caribbean

In the Caribbean Sea, you will find the small, 383 sq km piece of paradise called St Lucia. St. Lucia is in close proximity to hundreds of other island’s that litter the Caribbean and is about 700km off the coast of Venezuela. Travelling to this intimate island is of no issue, as multiple airlines service Hewanorra International Airport from the U.K. everyday. Flight time is roughly 8 hours, and as soon as you step off your plane, you will realize that any length of time needed to arrive at this gem is worth it. Depending on your preferred method of travel, right from the get-go a private plane, helicopter or boat can be commissioned to transport you to your villa. Whatever method you decide on for your travels will offer an array of breathtaking views and a little glimpse of what St. Lucia has to offer. It is unlike any other island in the Caribbean; the vast rainforests, high mountain ranges and expansive beaches make you wonder how all of this can fit on such a small little island. Exploring any of these areas in a deeper way can be arranged as you please, but maybe you simply feel like relaxing after that long flight? St. Lucia is world-renowned for its gorgeous sunsets and surreal beaches, and that may just be the perfect way for you to enjoy your first evening.

Awaiting you over the duration of your stay is marine parks, world-class snorkeling and a variety of fusion cuisines. If you are travelling with young one’s, the water park and ATV adventures can surely keep them busy for a couple of days. The number of activities that can be tried out while on your holiday in St. Lucia could keep you busy for the next month. Likely, that wasn’t the reason you chose this intimate island for your stay. The balance between relaxation possibilities and exploration, between hustle and peace is really what makes St. Lucia unique. Outlining every single activity is possible, but this trip is created for you, by you. Whatever you and your travel companions wish to do during your stay in St. Lucia is possible with an inquiry with your concierge. By the way, your accommodation hasn’t even been touched on yet. Get ready for a whole other adventure just within your villa.

great room of one of the holiday villas

Luxury Villas Abound for Accommodation

Choosing accommodation for any trip is a difficult process, especially when you want the best of what is offered. Hotels supply a number of activities, but they are hardly personalized and offer very cookie-cutter possibilities. There are many villas located on St. Lucia, some of them superb, but what do you really want out of this trip? A great time will be had no matter where you stay, but do you want this to be one for the memories? One that is never going to be forgotten? There are but a few places that can offer that kind of guarantee and are only available to those who are interested in the most luxurious villas out there.

master bedroom overlooking Caribbean

Akasha: Top Choice When Looking for Luxury Villas in the Caribbean

Enter Akasha: the most visually stunning, architecturally beautiful property on all of St. Lucia. There is not one other rental property that can match what Akasha offers, and that is the key to making this the trip of your life. Choosing to travel to St. Lucia with your loved ones is something special in and of itself. It is meant to be a trip for the memories; personalized for your wants and needs in every single aspect. Deciding on the most luxurious villa on the whole island will ensure every second spent in your accommodation will be special. What you will find at Akasha is 4 ocean room suites with personal terraces and bathrooms, an infinity pool with a view that can’t be described and a theatre room that puts most cinemas to shame. Up to 8 individual people can call this place home for the duration of their stay, meaning you better choose your friends and/or loved ones carefully. When you decide to stay in and watch the sun set from your 2000 ft. terrace, the tranquility and peace offered over a glass of cool champagne is indescribable. You will of course want to explore and adventure on the island, but there are very few places where you wouldn’t mind staying in both day and evening. Akasha is one of them.

Waking up every morning to the sun peaking over the vast Caribbean se, smelling the scent of freshly cut fruit prepared by your personal chef, hearing the sound of birds singing only a short ways away; can life really get any better? Akasha was created with only a few simple principles in mind. At the top of that list was offering all guests unparalleled and unmatchable luxury during their stay in St. Lucia. Any piece you want to add to the overall picture of your holiday is possible with Akasha and its complimentary staff. A chef can be called upon at any time to prepare a personalized meal of fresh, local cuisine, a pilot can be arranged to take you and your sweetheart on a private tour of the most intimate areas of the island. Maybe neither of those tickle your interests? Not a problem; that is why the concierge is available 24hrs a day to meet any of your requests. This is not akin to hotel room service; this is like having a personalized staff to meet any of your luxury requirements, something you will not find in all the villas.

Akasha pool at duskYou have travelled to St. Lucia with your friends and family to experience the most beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea. You have made the 8hr trip from the U.K. to stay in the most glorious villa on the island. Those are a given; what you choose to do with the rest of your stay is up to you. Rest assured, by making the decision to stay in Akasha, your stay will be magical. Words can not properly convey the beauty and luxury that it offers; it must be experienced. Soon you will be able to formulate your own piece of text on how great your stay was, but until then, let your imagination wander and allow it to create the picture that Akasha will one day take the place of.

Akasha – your choice of villas in St Lucia for luxury Caribbean holidays.