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St Lucia – Rent A Villa in Luxury

Hotels or Rentals? You be the judge.
Private pool of a villaA sovereign country in the Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia is a hot spot for travel, and for good reason. St. Lucia is a paradise of luxury for those who enjoy relaxation, adventure and of course, beautiful weather. Picking out daily activities like diving trips in the Marine Park, catamaran sailing or deep sea fishing are all possible if you feel like a little excitement. It boasts world-class golfing, helicopter tours and boat charters, allowing you to take in more than you can even imagine. Of course, relaxation may be the primary reason for you coming to St. Lucia, and there is an abundance of that as well. Experiencing the gorgeous sunsets in the evenings, relaxing by the pool with a glass of champagne or tanning on the surreal beaches all sound like nice alternatives to busy activities. So many choices for this one small island! In deciding to come here, you have already proven you’re a great decision maker, but what about accommodations? Yes, there are an assortment of great hotels, but why not make this trip memorable and unlike any other?

Rent an amazing St. Lucia Luxury Villa at Akasha

Many groups struggle to decide on accommodations for their holiday because of the abundance of available choices. Hotels can be beautiful; jam packed with activities and in pristine locations. Hotels get boring though. Rooms offer very little variety, amenities are the same across the board and your useable space is limited. The options outside of staying in a hotel may be narrow, but gems are rarely visible on the surface. Make the most of your trip to gorgeous St. Lucia by staying in a villa in a breath-taking location. The experience of staying in a villa that meets your wants and needs is unlike anything else. However, hotels are easy to book, and you may be thinking it is not worth to trouble of trying to find somewhere else to stay. It’s understandable; whether it is your first time staying outside a hotel or your tenth time, booking rentals can be intimidating. Finding proper sources of information that explain the difference between truly great villa rentals and a hotel can help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right accommodation option for your group or family.

Akasha Rental Villas Offer Spectacular Luxury and Privacy!
Waking up every morning to the sun peaking over the vast ocean, hearing the breeze through the open doors of your walkout balcony, starting the day with fresh fruit by the pool. It is a mistake to think that a hotel has more to offer than the proper villa. Boasting about amenities and activities are selling points for a hotel, but are a given with a luxury villa. You have the option to choose whatever you want to do for the day, without pressure from staff. If you are struggling to pick an option, contact the knowledgeable concierge to help organize the events that make up your day. They can assist with booking boat trips, helicopter excursions or car service to the nightlife. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? No problem. A chief can be asked to prepare meals for you and your group, cooking with foods that are local and unique. You think the housekeeping in a hotel is good? You haven’t seen anything yet. Your villa will be kept spotless and pristine, exactly like how your home is maintained back in the UK.

Relax On Your Next Holiday in St Lucia With A Rental Villa
Rental villa with large meeting roomYou are travelling with your family and your best friends family. Separate hotel rooms will do, but you really want to have more interaction and opportunities to hang out. You did just travel across the Atlantic to be here, so why not make the most of it? In a villa, you will have more open space to lounge around and converse than you will ever need. Open kitchens, vast living rooms and explosive entertainment centers are the norm in a villa. Although many of the adventures will take place outside your accommodation, an abundance of time is inevitably experienced in your suite. Make the most of it by choosing a villa that is an experience in itself to stay in. No more busy bars, loud guests and obnoxious buffet lines. Your oasis is a private sanctuary filled with people you want to be around and spend time with. Everything you could possibly need is only a step away and people you want to be around will surround you.

Affordable Caribbean Villas For Rent Are Available Now in St Lucia
Don’t assume that all this can’t come true unless you a have a large budget. Villas have the area to accommodate many more people than a hotel room and you can easily split your costs with 1 or 2 other families. Plan a trip with 3 of your favorite couples, split the costs and live in opulence for a week or two. Based on the space you get in a villa, you are actually paying much less for your useable area than compared with a hotel. Beyond monetary costs, being surrounded by your family and friends around a private pool during the sunset is invaluable. There is no dollar value that can be properly applied to experiencing St. Lucia in a private, luxurious villa.

There Is No Other Choice Than Renting a Luxury Villa at Akasha
Entertainment roomWhat is available and offered through a world-class villa could be explained and praised over pages and pages of text. Yes, it boasts master rooms with breathtaking views, private spas and pools for your enjoyment and theatre systems that put the cinema to shame, but it is really about shaping your personal experience. There is no hotel out there that can offer the space, privacy and location to be both intimate with your surroundings and houseguests.

Luxury Villa Rentals in St Lucia – You Won’t Regret It

Take the path less travelled and look into a villa for your next trip to St. Lucia. As you pull up with your family to your private abode looking over the Caribbean ocean, being greeted by a fleet of personal staff, only one question will pop into your mind: why didn’t I choose a luxury villa sooner?

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