Main terrace of the luxury villa, AkashaThe beauty and luxury the world offers is infinite; it would be impossible to see every single place in a lifetime. The earth has created natural formations that show themselves through rocky mountains, expansive coastlines and dense rainforests. Man, too, has created spectacular creations that warrant a considerable amount of praise. From the high skyline of New York City to the historic architecture of cities like Rome, choosing a place to take a holiday really is a chore. What you want to experience and enjoy is of course, personal to you, but for unparalleled beauty and endless possibilities, St. Lucia is a destination that should not be overlooked. Searching on a map of the Caribbean Sea, you would be hard pressed to not miss St. Lucia. It is a tiny little island nestled in the middle of more tiny little islands. The Caribbean chain of islands are very unique in both their geography and their offerings. They have very rugged and dense forests and mountains partnered perfectly with vast and sandy beaches. It is no surprise that they have been the location for multiple movie shoots and the go-to place of travel for thousands of visitors around the world. The luxury of St. Lucia itself stands out from these already unique islands with its high mountain tops accessible from any part of the island. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by its size; St. Lucia offers enough exploration to warrant a year long stay. Besides the various natural beauties the island offers, there are also quaint towns and villages that surround the entire island. Marinas, restaurants and shopping centre’s can be found all along the west coast and supply a nice getaway after a long day of hiking. Flights fly directly into Hewanorra International Airport daily from the U.K., and personal transportation by private jet or helicopter can be arranged as soon as you step foot off from your eight-hour flight.

Holiday villas offer privacy hotels cannot

Luxury Rental Villas Make Your Holiday Special

At this point you may be asking, “Okay, St. Lucia sounds great, but where can my family and I stay”? Good question; St. Lucia is home to a variety of top hotels for rent to meet your fancy, but if you really want to make this trip special, take a peek into the luxury holiday villas the island offers. With dozens of activities that are available to take part in on the island, it only makes sense to have a comfortable space to wind down at when you are taxed for the day. In fact, with a luxury villa, you will be hard pressed to even leave your accommodation to see what the island has to offer. Yes, that is how good they are. From expansive terraces to ocean-view suites, extravagant villas are going to bump your trip to St. Lucia from great to magical. Whether you are travelling with a loved one, family or other couples, holiday villas nestled high up on the hills of northern St. Lucia are going to be the key to your tranquility and peace of mind. Wake up to the sun shining in through your open blinds, which allow the soft sound of birds singing to trickle in as you stretch your arms. Start the day off with breakfast on the terrace overlooking the infinity pool, surrounded by whoever has embarked on this wonderful journey with you. Yes, there will be time to enjoy the scenery of the island, but just take a minute to look around and appreciate the incredible work that went into the building of this place you are calling home for the duration of your stay. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well this can all become a reality, but only if you choose the right villa that is for rent for your stay in St. Lucia.

Akasha – A Prime Choice of a Villa For Rent

Main terrace view into AkashaThere are a number of different rental properties available for habitation on the island, but beware of the claims some make. Many are beautiful and filled with features, but none can match the luxury that Akasha provides. Akasha is nestled on the northern end of the island and over looks the North West edge of the coast. A short trip from the beach and The Marina Village, Akasha offers 4 master suites to meet each and every need you and your travel companions may have. From an Italian imported kitchen to 9000 sq. feet of living space, now you can believe that leaving your villa is going to be the hardest choice of your day. The amenities and features that are offered in a luxury villa like Akasha can not be met by any other accommodation that is for rent found on the entirety of St. Lucia. A chef can prepare specific meals for you and your family each morning, entirely based on local cuisine if you so wish. The theatre is there for those lazy nights where you just want to kick back and take in the adventures of the day. This is no normal piece of property; Akasha is a lavish living space that will truly be the cherry on top of your stay to St. Lucia.

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When Looking For Holiday Villas for Rent, Contact Akasha First

Holidays for many people don’t come very often, and it really is a shame. They are a time to truly enjoy the company of friends and families with few rules and restrictions. The memories created on holidays have the chance to survive a lifetime, so why not make the memory the greatest one possible? St. Lucia truly is one of the greatest islands in the Caribbean Sea and staying in Akasha complements it so well. The amenities, the private concierge and the views are all great, but it really is the experience that they come together to offer that is the best part. It enables a personalized trip at every level to be created for you and your family; one that none of you will ever forget. It may seem far away, but make the choice, and start dreaming about your stay at the premiere choice of luxury holiday villas for rent in St Lucia (Akasha) today.

Akasha – your choice when looking for villas in St Lucia for rent for luxury Caribbean holidays.

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