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Luxury Golf at Akasha for Your St. Lucia Holidays

st lucia golf and country clubAkasha is not far from Cap Estates, which houses St. Lucia’s only 18-hole golf course at the St. Lucia Golf Resort and Country Club. Golf enthusiasts looking to turn St. Lucia holidays into a luxury golf vacation need not go anywhere else, because this course offers all they you’re looking for and more. Luxury villa rentals at Akasha has a concierge service that will book your golf outing and create an experience that makes your stay one of a kind. You won’t find “just golf” at the Cap Estates. Akasha has the best St. Lucia villas and the Golf Resort and Country Club provides the island golf course that you’ve always wanted to play.

A Unique Golfing Experience

caribbean luxury villa rentalThe golf course at the St. Lucia Golf Resort and Country Club was built using the natural contours of the land, instead of through all artificial shaping and bulldozing the habitats of native wildlife. The trees and landscape bring all kinds of island birds and creatures to share the course with you without interruption, so you’re likely to see things you’ve never seen before — aside from the coffee and rum truffles that are for sale in the golf shop. Off in the distance, the beautiful homes of Cap Estates can be seen as you play, and you’ll catch glimpses of the Caribbean waters over the hills you traverse to get to the next hole. When you’re finished playing, the country club offers many amenities (like the massage you’ll want after walking on those hills!), drinks, and food that you won’t have to go far to reach. Your Akasha concierge can book all the details of your country club experience for you so that all you’ll have to do when you’ve sunk that 18th putt is hop in your golf cart and head for the resort.

Luxury Villa Rentals that Lack for Nothing

private holiday in a luxury st Lucia villaSome St. Lucia Golf Resort and Country Club visitors may be disappointed by the lack of full ocean views that the club’s course doesn’t allow for. The luxury villa rentals at Akasha take care of that for you. After a full day of golf and fun at the club, you can go back to your villa and enjoy a view of the best Caribbean sunset that you’ve ever seen right from your balcony or deck in a lounge chair that you’ll be glad to collapse into. Akasha’s concierge service can accommodate you with all the pampering you can handle after your day at the club, and dinner from a chef that will make you glad you just walked up and down several hills! Your St. Lucia holidays will be detailed with everything you can want as a golf enthusiast, and you don’t have to sacrifice the ocean views to get it. Top off your vacation with a helicopter tour of the island or a trip to see the coastline on a chartered boat. Akasha Luxury Villa Rentals at St. Lucia is waiting for you to inquire about rates for renting property. Get your

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