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Discover St. Lucia’s Coastline with A Chartered Boat at Akasha

boat charters in the caribbean boat charter group at akashaImagine cruising (or speeding) along the Caribbean Sea and watching as the coastline passes you by, and you sit in comfort on a yacht with your friends and/or loved ones. Sip a cocktail or some champagne and enjoy food prepared for your trip with the wind in your hair and the view of St. Lucia’s beauty everywhere you look. A chartered boat can give you all of this and more during your stay at Akasha luxury villa rentals. You will feel like royalty every step you take from the door of your villa to the dock of the boat you charter. The best part? A concierge will arrange it all for you, so all you have to do is pick out your favorite beach outfit and swim suit, grab some sunscreen, and the sunglasses that make you look like a rock star.

Take Your Villa with You on the Water

travel to private islandsEverything that you love about the luxury villa rentals at Akasha will be similar to what you find on your chartered boat. Several options are available to cater to the vacation that you have in mind.

  • Bring the kids along and have a family trip that puts all of your other St. Lucia holidays to shame.
  • Create a romantic surprise for your spouse and make your honeymoon even more memorable than you thought it could be (Akasha’s concierge service is discrete!).
  • Make your St. Lucia vacation a unique one by speeding along the coastline on a yacht that you never imagined you’d ride on.
  • Ask the concierge service about amenities and other ways to make the most of the chartered boat on your St. Lucia holidays.

After Your Boat Ride

stunning villa interiorsWhether you’re geared up for more or tired from the sun and ocean air, Akasha’s concierge service can make sure that your vacation is more than your chartered boat ride. You can enjoy the nightlife in Rodney Bay, lounge by the pool, watch a movie on the huge HD flat screen in your villa, or have a massage to top off a day of relaxation. Whatever you’d like to do, the luxury villa rentals at Akasha are poised to make it happen. Your chartered boat ride can be the highlight of your trip, and when you get back, you can simply watch the Caribbean sunset every night from your deck or balcony while you listen to waves that you were just riding on.

Alternatives to Speed

sail in the caribbeanAkasha’s concierge service knows all the options for a chartered boat ride, and if speed isn’t your cup of tea, you can float along on a sailboat instead and enjoy the coastline at a more leisurely pace. The choice is yours and no matter what it is, the concierge can accommodate you. Akasha

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Luxury Villa Rentals in St. Lucia wants to make your nautical Caribbean dreams come true. Inquire today about rates for renting property, and tally ho to Akasha and your chartered boat!

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