ziplining through the caribbean rainforest

Make Your St. Lucia Holidays Unforgettable with a Rainforest Tour

tropical rainforest in st lucia colorful parrots in the rainforestThe Caribbean Sea and all of its beautiful views, the Pitons, Pigeon Island’s culture, and the nightlife in Rodney Bay are not all that St. Lucia has to offer. There is a rich wildlife and rainforest to explore — full of plants, birds, and creatures that you’ve never seen and may never meet their equal. After you’ve relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the amenities that the luxury villa rentals of Akasha have to offer, a rainforest excursion is something that you should not miss during your St. Lucia holidays.

So Many Options, How Can You Choose?

rainforest tram carThere are several options for rainforest tours in St. Lucia, all within a short drive from Akasha’s luxury villa rentals. Akasha’s concierge service can book your excursion for you and help you decide the best activities to create the unique experience that you want your vacation to be.

  • Avian enthusiasts can enjoy bird watching and catch a glimpse of the native St. Lucia species that you won’t find in many other places.
  • Thrill seekers will need to bring their cargo shorts and make sure everything is zipped and secure before heading out on a zipline adventure through the rainforest scenery that will make you want to ride again and again so that you can see it all… then go back for ziplining at night!
  • Take the aerial tram over the rainforest to the ecological park at St. Lucia’s reserve. See the rainforest from above and witness wildlife and plants that you’d never see on the ground.
  • Enjoy a trail hike with a Nature Interpreter who will teach you about every bit of flora and fauna that you see along your hike.

Have your concierge book one activity, or go back every day and experience all of them! With over 1,250 acres of rainforest, it won’t be easy to say you’ve had enough.

After Your Excursion

ziplining through the caribbean rainforestSt. Lucia’s rainforest is located in the Castries Waterworks Reserve, and is about a half hour drive from Akasha’s luxury villa rentals. The concierge can arrange for your travel and activities and, when you come back, you’ll feel like you’ve come home at your villa with the luxury furnishings, imported kitchens, Smart technology, and amenities to make your stay comfortable and happy. Whether you need a massage after incurring sore muscles on a hike or zipline adventure, or you want to sample the nightlife at Rodney Bay, you’ll find everything you need at Akasha. At the end of every day, enjoy the Caribbean sunset or the night sky with the sounds of the waves rolling in and out from a lounge chair on your balcony or deck. Relax by the pool or have dinner prepared by star chefs. The possibilities are endless. Creating your unique rainforest excursion during your next St. Lucia holidays is as easy as making a phone call or filling out a contact form online. Inquire today about rates for renting property. Akasha Luxury Villa Rentals in St. Lucia is ready to

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make your dreams come true!

travel to private islands

Discover St. Lucia’s Coastline with A Chartered Boat at Akasha

boat charters in the caribbean boat charter group at akashaImagine cruising (or speeding) along the Caribbean Sea and watching as the coastline passes you by, and you sit in comfort on a yacht with your friends and/or loved ones. Sip a cocktail or some champagne and enjoy food prepared for your trip with the wind in your hair and the view of St. Lucia’s beauty everywhere you look. A chartered boat can give you all of this and more during your stay at Akasha luxury villa rentals. You will feel like royalty every step you take from the door of your villa to the dock of the boat you charter. The best part? A concierge will arrange it all for you, so all you have to do is pick out your favorite beach outfit and swim suit, grab some sunscreen, and the sunglasses that make you look like a rock star.

Take Your Villa with You on the Water

travel to private islandsEverything that you love about the luxury villa rentals at Akasha will be similar to what you find on your chartered boat. Several options are available to cater to the vacation that you have in mind.

  • Bring the kids along and have a family trip that puts all of your other St. Lucia holidays to shame.
  • Create a romantic surprise for your spouse and make your honeymoon even more memorable than you thought it could be (Akasha’s concierge service is discrete!).
  • Make your St. Lucia vacation a unique one by speeding along the coastline on a yacht that you never imagined you’d ride on.
  • Ask the concierge service about amenities and other ways to make the most of the chartered boat on your St. Lucia holidays.

After Your Boat Ride

stunning villa interiorsWhether you’re geared up for more or tired from the sun and ocean air, Akasha’s concierge service can make sure that your vacation is more than your chartered boat ride. You can enjoy the nightlife in Rodney Bay, lounge by the pool, watch a movie on the huge HD flat screen in your villa, or have a massage to top off a day of relaxation. Whatever you’d like to do, the luxury villa rentals at Akasha are poised to make it happen. Your chartered boat ride can be the highlight of your trip, and when you get back, you can simply watch the Caribbean sunset every night from your deck or balcony while you listen to waves that you were just riding on.

Alternatives to Speed

sail in the caribbeanAkasha’s concierge service knows all the options for a chartered boat ride, and if speed isn’t your cup of tea, you can float along on a sailboat instead and enjoy the coastline at a more leisurely pace. The choice is yours and no matter what it is, the concierge can accommodate you. Akasha

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Luxury Villa Rentals in St. Lucia wants to make your nautical Caribbean dreams come true. Inquire today about rates for renting property, and tally ho to Akasha and your chartered boat!

relax in a private rental home

Hike the Pitons for an Akasha Vacation You’ll Never Forget

villa at akasha hiking the pitons on st lucia

Beginner and experienced hikers alike will enjoy the challenge of the Pitons during any St. Lucia vacation. This is a one-of-a-kind hike over the volcanic plugs that rise majestically over the island, featuring sulfur springs, evidence of volcanic activity, a visitor’s center that shows the culture and history of the Pitons, and several other points of interest. As a bonus, when you reach the top, you’ll be taken aback by the breathtaking views of St. Lucia. It’s the perfect reward after meeting the challenge of hiking the Pitons!

Experienced Tour Guides and Safe Hiking

exilerating hike at the pitonsThe concierge service that is available to you when you stay at the luxury villa rentals of Akasha will arrange for your hike so that you can relax and gather your energy (or load up on carbs and protein with an excellent breakfast) for the hike. The experienced tour guides that will take you on your hike are trained to ensure your safety, so that you have no worries while you’re completing your challenge. They will also be there to point out every interesting detail of your hike so that you don’t miss a thing. There are two Pitons to climb, the Gros Piton and the Petit Piton. The tour guides will take you along the trails of the Gros Piton, and they are necessary and mandated, so you cannot go alone. The trails are clearly marked, and there is little to no exposure on the hike, so the danger is minimal on Gros Piton. The Interpretive Centre will tell you all that you need to know about what you’ll see, and you’ll be able to catch a great view of Petit Piton from the top of the Gros Piton. If you’re particularly daring, you can chance a hike up Petit Piton, but there are no guides to take you up, no Interpretive Centre, and only some ropes to stop you from falling in the areas of higher exposure — so try it at your own risk. No matter which route you choose, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure!

Luxury Villa Rentals to Make Your Adventure into a Vacation

relax in a private rental homeWhen you’re done with your hike, it’s likely that you’ll want a big, beautiful bed to collapse in or a lounge chair in which to relax and watch the stars on your deck or balcony. Akasha’s luxury villa rentals can accommodate your every need, including a massage out on the terrace to ease any sore muscles incurred during your hike. Whether you choose to try hiking the Pitons as a one-time challenge, or you want to keep going back to find every part of the World Heritage Site that you can take in, Akasha Luxury Villa Rentals at St. Lucia is there to be your home base and make your stay as enjoyable as possible. The concierge service will arrange for you to enjoy the nightlife of Rodney Bay (where you can try a Pitons beer!) or you can simply lie by the pool while you’re not hiking. Inquire about rates for renting property today and get your adventure started!

st lucia golf and country club

Luxury Golf at Akasha for Your St. Lucia Holidays

st lucia golf and country clubAkasha is not far from Cap Estates, which houses St. Lucia’s only 18-hole golf course at the St. Lucia Golf Resort and Country Club. Golf enthusiasts looking to turn St. Lucia holidays into a luxury golf vacation need not go anywhere else, because this course offers all they you’re looking for and more. Luxury villa rentals at Akasha has a concierge service that will book your golf outing and create an experience that makes your stay one of a kind. You won’t find “just golf” at the Cap Estates. Akasha has the best St. Lucia villas and the Golf Resort and Country Club provides the island golf course that you’ve always wanted to play.

A Unique Golfing Experience

caribbean luxury villa rentalThe golf course at the St. Lucia Golf Resort and Country Club was built using the natural contours of the land, instead of through all artificial shaping and bulldozing the habitats of native wildlife. The trees and landscape bring all kinds of island birds and creatures to share the course with you without interruption, so you’re likely to see things you’ve never seen before — aside from the coffee and rum truffles that are for sale in the golf shop. Off in the distance, the beautiful homes of Cap Estates can be seen as you play, and you’ll catch glimpses of the Caribbean waters over the hills you traverse to get to the next hole. When you’re finished playing, the country club offers many amenities (like the massage you’ll want after walking on those hills!), drinks, and food that you won’t have to go far to reach. Your Akasha concierge can book all the details of your country club experience for you so that all you’ll have to do when you’ve sunk that 18th putt is hop in your golf cart and head for the resort.

Luxury Villa Rentals that Lack for Nothing

private holiday in a luxury st Lucia villaSome St. Lucia Golf Resort and Country Club visitors may be disappointed by the lack of full ocean views that the club’s course doesn’t allow for. The luxury villa rentals at Akasha take care of that for you. After a full day of golf and fun at the club, you can go back to your villa and enjoy a view of the best Caribbean sunset that you’ve ever seen right from your balcony or deck in a lounge chair that you’ll be glad to collapse into. Akasha’s concierge service can accommodate you with all the pampering you can handle after your day at the club, and dinner from a chef that will make you glad you just walked up and down several hills! Your St. Lucia holidays will be detailed with everything you can want as a golf enthusiast, and you don’t have to sacrifice the ocean views to get it. Top off your vacation with a helicopter tour of the island or a trip to see the coastline on a chartered boat. Akasha Luxury Villa Rentals at St. Lucia is waiting for you to inquire about rates for renting property. Get your

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tee time now!

Stunning St Lucia Wedding

Make Your Destination Wedding Worthy of the Paparazzi

Stunning St Lucia Wedding

Juan Pablo In St. Lucia

Juan Pablo From The Bachelor

This past February and March, ABC’s hit television show The Bachelor came back to St. Lucia for its season finale. The “final rose ceremony” was the talk of television and the results are still bringing couples from all over the world to St. Lucia for their own destination weddings. You can have your own wedding fit for celebrity attendance and worthy of broadcast television, and you don’t have to follow the crowds to “The Red Rose Romance Trail”. Create something truly unique at the luxury villa rentals of Akasha. Not only will you get the most stunning wedding package in St. Lucia, but anyone who decides to join you for your big day will also be accommodated in style. They’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing vacation after they watch you tie the knot with the love of your life.

Take the Stress Out of Wedding Planning

luxury getaway in st lucia It seems impossible, but it’s not! The concierge service at the luxury villa rentals in Akasha will plan everything for you, from travel to accommodations, and everything in between. Your wedding will be stress-free as well as beautiful beyond belief. The backdrops of your photos will all have the sparkling waters of the Caribbean, and you can walk off into a sunset that rivals the ones in paintings that hang buy cialis online in museums. Watch the sunsets again and again on every night of your stay. Snorkeling, boat rides, dancing the night away, and seeing the nature and culture that online viagra St. Lucia has to offer will all be planned for you, so that all you’ll have to have to do is walk side by side with your love and enjoy every second. Complimentary wine and champagne, meals cooked by top chefs while you’re at the villa, ocean views, and so much more are what you can look forward to on your wedding day. Get married and then stay in Akasha for your honeymoon, and you’ll have a hassle-free wedding day — complete with no traveling to get to your vacation afterwards. Your wedding will be unlike any other, and not just because it doesn’t include headaches.

Create Memories that You’ll Want to Watch Over and Over

private luxury villa in st luciaYour wedding video will look like it was made by Hollywood when the setting is at one of the luxury villa rentals of Akasha. The furnishings, Smart technology, imported kitchens, luxury pool, and nearby beaches will make your wedding pictures and video seem like it was produced to be a box office hit. Your friends and family will all want copies, and when you see that picture of

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you and your new spouse walking into the sunset hanging in your home, you’ll remember every amazing detail of your stay in Akasha. Your wedding doesn’t have to be a chaotic time for you, your spouse, and everyone else involved. The memories that you viagra generic create can be all about your special day, the love you share, and the time you spent becoming one at Akasha Luxury Villa Rentals in St. Lucia. Inquire about rates for renting property today, and take the first steps toward a hassle-free dream wedding.

st lucia jazz festival akasha

Discover the Famous St. Lucia Jazz Scene During Your Stay in Akasha

akasha caribbean villa for rentA vacation in the Caribbean is often spent on the beach, by the pool, and then at the beach again. There are countless activities involving water sports, fine dining, shopping, and sitting around watching the waves, but there is also culture and music in St. Lucia, particularly the famous jazz festival that happens in March and April. Rest assured, if you miss it, there is still plenty to experience on the island and luxury villa rentals to stay at in Akasha when you’re ready to collapse after a long day of adventure.

Music Lovers, Artisan Vendors, and All That Jazz

st lucia jazz festival caribbeanThe jazz festival that happens on Pigeon Island (just 7 minutes away from the luxury villa rentals of Akasha) lasts for eleven days and is bound to bring music lovers and festival junkies from all over the world together for the common goal of appreciating jazz. World-renowned performers and entertainers are scheduled to appear every year alongside artisan venders and other cultural delights that make this experience unique each time. Go for all eleven days or pick and choose the performances that you want to attend and the concierge service at Akasha will plan it all for you. Not only will you get to see jazz like you never have before, but you’ll also experience the culture of historic Pigeon Island during your stay at the festival. Talk to your concierge about other activities and tours to schedule during your trip and you’ll find stories and opportunities for pictures that will be envy of all your friends and family upon your return.

A Vacation You’ll Never Forget

st lucia jazz festival akashaIn addition to the

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famous jazz festival that is absolutely one of a kind, your vacation will be made even more special with the luxury villa rentals of Akasha that offer amenities like giant HD flat screen televisions, Smart technology, imported kitchens, and a view of the Caribbean sunset every night of your stay. The beauty of St. Lucia is unparalleled, and the luxury of Akasha is more than you dreamed your St. Lucia holidays could be. After the jazz festival, enjoy the nightlife of Rodney Bay, both fine and casual dining, shopping, and even an excursion on a chartered boat to see the coastline like never before. The concierge service at Akasha will handle everything for you, so that all you’ll have to remember are the experiences you have and the adventures that you take. There are no other luxury villa rentals like the ones you’ll find at Akasha.

Get Ready to Dance!

akasha luxury rental villaThe jazz festival and Rodney Bay nightlife aren’t the only things that will have you dancing in Akasha. Move to your favorite songs on Internet radio right in your room or on your balcony or deck, along the backdrop of another Caribbean sunset (they never stop!) and well into the night. There are no worries at the Akasha Luxury Villa Rentals in St. Lucia. Inquire about rates for renting property today and get ready to get your groove on!

villa for rent in st lucia

Akasha Scuba Diving Makes Your Honeymoon One of a Kind

st lucia private vacation villaScuba diving isn’t exactly an original honeymoon activity for newlywed couples. Even scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea isn’t all that new of an idea. However, scuba diving in Akasha while enjoying one of the luxury villa rentals as your honeymoon suite is very unique. This area is unlike any other in St. Lucia, and you’ll find scuba diving adventures and perhaps underwater creatures and wonders that you never thought you’d see elsewhere.

Luxury Villa Rentals that Make Your Honeymoon Extra Special

caribbean private villasYou don’t want just any honeymoon suite, whether it’s your first trip as a newly married couple or your hundredth trip for a second honeymoon. You want a place that will make you feel as special as you did for those few minutes that you walked down the aisle and looked at your husband or wife, wondering if you’ll ever be as happy as you were in that moment. That feeling can be prolonged and evolved again and again with the luxury villa rentals at Akasha. Amenities,

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furnishings, smart technology, and imported kitchens are what will greet you when you walk into your villa for your honeymoon. You’ll be able to relax after your long journey on lounge chairs by the pool or on your deck or balcony, looking out at the clear waters of the Caribbean and the sunsets that songs have been written about. It’s just the thing to create a one of a kind experience for your honeymoon.

Scuba Diving, Charter Boats, and Nightlife that Sizzles

villa for rent in st luciaUnder St. Lucia’s golden sun, you can enjoy a ride down the coastline in a charter boat before or after your scuba diving adventure. You’ll have the chance to see coral reefs, sea turtles, and all kinds of other ocean wildlife under the sparkling waters that you viewed under the moonlight the night before. Create an experience that will be unforgettable for decades to come with Akasha’s nightlife at Rodney Bay and dining that will give you ideas about food that you never imagined you’d have. Luxury villa rentals in Akasha offer concierge service that is discrete and well executed. Plan a surprise for your new bride or an outing that your husband would never think of, and the concierge service will make sure that it’s everything you asked for. The lap of luxury leaves no worries in your mind and no weight on your shoulders. Your scuba diving excursion and every other activity that you want to do while you’re in Akasha can be planned for you, and all you’ll have to think about is the love of your life at your side while you do it all.

Akasha Memories that Last a Lifetime

st lucia villa rentalYour honeymoon is important, even if it’s not your first, and Akasha Luxury Villa Rentals in St. Lucia is the one of a kind place to make memories that will last a lifetime. The stuff of stories that your family and friends will love to hear are just a phone call away. Inquire about rates for renting property today and begin your story.

caribbean private villa

Luxury Service in Akasha for Your Next Holiday Vacation

caribbean private villaEvery time you plan a holiday vacation, it seems like the hotel room is always the same no matter where you go. There are some subtle differences in the furniture, the décor, even the food and features, but in the end it’s what you expected it to be. Luxury villa holidays are so much more than you expect. In the Caribbean, you can truly get away from the holiday crowds, the stress of attending dinners and parties with people you haven’t made small talk with since last year, and escape to Akasha in St. Lucia where all you will find for your holiday is peace, quiet, and a golden sunset sparkling on clear blue water.

Relax — Everything is Taken Care Of

luxury villa in st luciaHave you ever planned a holiday dinner or event? Do you remember the feeling that you might go insane (or already be there) a week before the event ever happens? Everyone has been there, worrying about accommodations for out-of-town relatives and the dietary exceptions of each person involved. By the time the holiday rolls around, you’re too exhausted to deal with the little fires that have to be put out throughout the time you spend with everyone and you’re definitely too tired to enjoy their company.

Luxury villa holidays forgo all of that stress and exhaustion. Whether it’s just you and your significant other or a large group of family and/or friends, the concierge service of Akasha luxury villa rentals will handle everything for you. You can choose to see the sights, pack your days with activities, or simply lie out on the beach and watch the waves roll in and out on the tides. When you return home, you’ll feel like you actually had a holiday worth celebrating instead of a tangled mess of stories, cleaning, and piles of dirty dishes to get through.

Enjoy Luxury Villa Holidays that You’ll Never Forget

private caribbean villas at akashaThink back to the holidays of your childhood and the holidays of recent past. Is any single

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one of them actually that memorable? There are traditions that you will always hold dear and experiences with friends and family that remind you that you have a wonderful life with people in that you love and who love you, but was all of that worth the stress and arguments that come with almost every holiday party? At Akasha in St. Lucia, you’ll find that the holiday experience is one that is unlike any other. Aside from unparalleled service and luxury villa rentals that you never imagined would be the highlight of your holiday, you’ll always find something new to do and discover in Akasha. Make your holiday unique and give everyone involved an unforgettable experience.

The New Tradition

private luxury villa in st luciaOnce you’ve experienced luxury villa holidays in St. Lucia, you’ll never want to plan another dinner at home again! Create a new tradition of relaxation and adventure on your next holiday vacation and every holiday after it. Akasha St. Lucia Villa Rental is the best on the island, and the best way to create your new tradition. Inquire today about rates for renting property and feel the weight lift off your shoulders.


st lucia caribbean famil vacation

Family Vacations Full of Fun and Relaxation in Akasha

st lucia caribbean famil vacationWho says that your family vacation has to be filled with waiting on lines for rides and getting your picture taken with several people in large suits depicting characters from children’s films? Instead of holidays spent in the cold or lost in crowds of tourists and screaming kids, you can opt for luxury villa holidays and teach your children about the culture of Akasha as well as what it means to have a truly fun and relaxing vacation. They’ll never want to wait on lines for roller coasters and haunted houses again after they spend time in St. Lucia villas with all that Akasha has to offer.

Concierge Service and the Lap of Luxury

st lucia caribbean private luxuryYou can book luxury villa rentals cialis 20 mg 30 tablets in Akasha that have so much more than the amenities of the average suite for a family

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vacation. Enjoy giant flat screen televisions where your children can watch movies in HD and lounge chairs on your deck or balcony where you can watch the waves while they do. Feel like you’re getting the royal treatment when you walk into your villa and see the furnishings, cialis generis imported kitchen, and smart features that are all around you. You don’t have to plan a thing because the concierge service will do it for you! Create days full of activities for the kids and others in your family or find plenty to do within the villa like relaxing by the pool or heading out for a day at the beach. Your family vacation is worry-free in Akasha, because everything will be taken care of for you. Once you book your trip, your St. Lucia holidays viagra and headaches will be all that you dreamed.

What to Do When You’re Not at the Villa

st lucia craft marketAside from scuba diving, helicopter tours, boat charters along the coastline, and several other attractions, there are things to do on those days where you just want to stroll around and costo viagra en farmacia enjoy the sun and sights. You’ll find duty-free shopping at Pointe Seraphine and La Place Carenage not far from the luxury villa rentals. Silk-screened items, jewelry, knickknacks, and some fabulous finds to commemorate your stay in St. Lucia are waiting for you while you’re out for a order viagra generic day of simply walking around. The kids will love what they find and you’ll love the views and fine items that are mixed in with everything else. St. Lucia shopping offers a little something for everyone.

Akasha Won’t be Your Average Family Vacation

st lucia relax on vacationThe main reason that a family vacation at one of Akasha’s luxury villa rentals is the perfect family vacation is because it is unique. Your friends and family will be in awe at the pictures that you bring back from your hike along the Pitons and scuba diving the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Akasha St. Lucia Villa Rental offers all that you need to be the envy of every family on your block and have a vacation that you’ll back on fondly for years. Inquire today about rates for rental property and begin planning for the luxury villa holiday that will bring you great memories instead of great headaches!

Surfing in St. Lucia

Get in Touch With Your Inner Surfer When You Visit Akasha

Surfing in St. Lucia

Andrew Kidman

Andrew Kidman

The Caribbean is often associated with luxury villa rentals, white sand beaches and clear blue waters, where you can relax and read a good book or soak up the sun’s rays with no thoughts on your mind all day. Within those waters, though, there is a culture that many believe went commercial, leaving its true spirit to drift out to sea with the tides. According to Andrew Kidman, a filmmaker who recently finished a documentary that pays tribute to the old surf culture of the 1970s in Akasha called “Spirit of Akasha,” the old ways are still present among locals and enthusiasts alike atop Akasha’s waves. “We wanted to see if that inherent ‘spirit’ of the surfing culture was still alive” (Bega District News) is the inquiry that the film sought to answer. They found that it was and, when you visit Akasha, you can get into the spirit yourself!

Akasha’s Clear Waters and the Spirit that Their Waves Carry

akasha st lucia villa rentalMany of Akasha’s visitors will fight for a suite that overlooks the ocean, hoping just to catch a glimpse of the waves upon waking. When you

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look for luxury villa rentals in a place like this, you’re looking for the best experience as well as the best view from your room. What better way to experience Akasha than by delving right into the spirit of a culture that has never died? Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a skilled surfing enthusiast, you can find your bliss in the waters that you stare out at with your morning coffee.

Get back to the true nature of what you’ve always loved (or just beginning to discover) when you surf the waves of Akasha’s waters. Kidman’s film re-awakened a view that may have been lost to the many vacationers that only know the commercial side of this way of life. Find a screening and see it for yourself or head out with an experienced instructor (which your concierge can find for you) and learn what the waters of Akasha have to offer besides the sparkle of the sun off their pristine surface.

More Than the Surf

st lucia nightlifeWhile the waters of Akasha, as well as the rest of St. Lucia, hold many natural wonders to discover in the surf; there is also a rich night life, several ways to relax and enjoy the ride along the coast, and luxury villa rentals that allow you to simply watch the waves roll back and forth from a lounge chair on your balcony. You can have a private screening of Kidman’s film from a giant HD screen in your room, or ask your concierge to find one out on the town close to a restaurant for which your mouth will water. Luxury Villa Rentals at Akasha is the most unique and accommodating place in the Caribbean for your next vacation, whether it be to enjoy the surf, a destination wedding, honeymoon (or second honeymoon), family vacation, holiday, or for a happy week away to celebrate a good bonus. Inquire today about rates for renting property. The possibilities are endless!